Hello I am Ghaus Editz. I am going to share such an informative editing tutorial on this website. Our Website Ghaus Editz is a collection of good stuff related to editing and photo retouching.

Also available on the YouTube Also with 100k+ Subscribers. You can read us more on about us.

On this page i am going to tell you about.

What is the purpose of this website?

What you will get on this website in future.

What are the good things that we can do together and much more.

As you know lots of peoples get difficulties getting background pngs. So I thought why not, I will give you all the background png in a very easy way.

Also on this website you are going to learn lots of new things, like editing tips and tricks and much more.

What is the purpose of this website?

I know you are thinking about what is the purpose of this website. Guys on this online source, You are going to have lots of the latest photo editing tips and tricks.

We are sharing also in the Video Formats on the YouTube channel here you go:-

I am Ghaus, and I know you will give as much love as you given on my YouTube channel. ALso one more thing. Peoples who love to read.

They can read a lot more about photo editing, Retouch, colour grading and much more.

What you will get on this website in future.

We will bring lots of background png and stock png too in the future. So all the background png’s are self generated. We don’t have any kind of intentions to hurt anyone’s content.

We glad that if peoples like to understand and learn more through this website.

Where we collect the Data?

These editing concepts should be generated through our specialist, Who know the photo editing expertly. So All the data we collect doesn’t have the copyright.

Or Our Data we share online too with peoples, because they need this to make this kind of photo editing and concepts too.